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  • Eagle Security Agent (Armored)Go to Eagle Security Agent (Armored)
  • Secret Service SUVGo to Secret Service SUV
  • The BeastGo to The Beast
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  • Eagle Security CarGo to Eagle Security Car
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  • Prison TransportGo to Prison Transport
  • Corrections OfficerGo to Corrections Officer
  • Coast Guard OfficerGo to Coast Guard Officer
  • Coast Guard PilotGo to Coast Guard Pilot
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  • Border Patrol AgentGo to Border Patrol Agent
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To prevent abuse you can't join any criminal or medical faction types while being part. You may get officers undercover in criminal organizations (requires Chief/Director approval). For more details check out the description tab on the factions profile.

All forces have custom vehicles and gear. For more information visit the official faction page and checkout its description.

Forces & Departments

Eagle Security Services

Before you can join the main force, you must prove yourself. As a security officer you are in charge of guarding hotspots such as the bank, government buildings, shops, etc. You may choose to get privately hired or to patrol shopping districts. The armored vehicle allows you to transport valuable goods or to escort important targets. Note that you are not a police officer! You can detain but not arrest suspects, this means you must keep them at the crime scene until the police arrives.

  • Requirements
    • 2 or higher
  • Ranks
    • Trainee
    • Security Guard [Next: Police Force]

Police Force

Be part of the main and most important force in law enforcement.You are bound to serve the citizens by enforcing the laws of your current sector.All ranks are archiveable through normal gameplay, note that the rank of Chief of Police and it's deputy are choosen by vote within the policeforce.

  • Requirements
    • 50 or higher
  • Ranks
    • Private
    • Highway Patrol
    • Officer
    • Sergeant
    • Detective
    • Lieutenant
    • Captain
    • Inspector
    • Deputy Chief
    • Chief of Police

Sheriffs Department

As part of the sheriffs department, apart from regular police duties, you are in charge of prison transports, prison guarding, coast guard, and border controls.

  • Requirements
    • 0 or higher
  • Sub-Departmens
    • Border Force
    • Department of Corrections (includes prison guarding & prisoner transport)
    • Coast Guard
    • Sheriffs Patrol
  • Ranks (same as Police Force)


Only those who have proven themself loyal, skilled and reputable will get chosen to join this federal unit.The FBI only gets involved in cases of national intrest, against large-scaled organized crimes or on request. Unlike other law enforcement departments, the FBI has special investigative abilities i.e. the traceback of financial transactions, reading unencrypted SMS, getting more information from crime scenes, etc.

Due the limit of agents that need to be shared across the servers, the FBI is given 4 private slots on official servers for fast response. Private servers may decide their own slot amount.

  • Requirements
    • Unknown
  • Ranks
    • Rookie
    • Agent
    • Senior Agent
    • Special Agent
    • Deputy Director
    • Director
  • Abilities
    • All police abilities
    • Traceback of financial transactions
    • Deep analysis of crime scenes
    • Possibility to revoke diplomatic immunity (court confirmation required)
    • Can hack UAVs


Special Armed Response Units of the Police Force and FBI.

  • Ranks (same as Police and FBI)
  • Abilities
    • Ability to defuse explosives

Secret Service

Bodyguards of the ruling Presidents. Chosen by the elected President.

  • Ranks
    • Agent


  • Abilities
    • Impounding
    • Deportation
    • Crime scene investigation
    • Arresting
    • Creation of warrants
    • Interrogation
    • Drag players
  • Ranks
    • Suspended